Consciousness-Based EducationDeveloping the full potential of the brain and unfolding the inner genius of every student

Consciousness-Based Education

Consciousness-Based Education has been available for over 35 years throughout the world. It has transformed the process of learning in the schools where it has been implemented.

Simply put, Consciousness-Based Education has as its main focus—you the student—rather than the books or information from which—you the student—learns.

Highlights of the CBE Programme

  • Stress-free, supportive learning environment—students learn the Transcendental Meditation® and the TM-Sidhi programme
  • Twice daily practice of these methods is an integral part of the system we use known as Consciousness-Based Education.
  • The final frontier of Knowledge is the field of Consciousness — Consciousness-Based Education is the only system where all disciplines are connected back to the student himself.
  • Exhibitions of total and specific knowledge so that your child learns daily through seeing.

People have pondered throughout the ages…Is it possible to educate a man and raise him to a state of perfection? Certainly, today's prevailing systems of education have not. Is it possible for education to actually bring happiness and fulfillment? Most educational institutions have little focus on this. Even graduates of the most prestigious schools and universities are prone to high levels of stress, unhappiness, and mistakes.

We wish to produce government leaders with sound judgement for the direction for our nation, corporate directors who lead their companies down the right paths, and all with personal and family lives that are fortunate and healthy. Such is the legacy of the trailblazing education we will create.

Consciousness-Based Education is about excellence. Period! We wish to set forth a new standard for education--that each student be cultivated as a perfect and whole individual, who loves him or her-self, who is most kind to others, free from problems and mistakes; and instilled with the power, knowledge, and vision to lead his family, his nation, and his world to the greatest heights.
Clearly, such a holistic and effective approach to learning represents the pinnacle of the education pyramid and presents a beautiful vision of possibilities for society. Wherein lies the secret to accomplish this extraordinary goal? It is in the Consciousness-Based approach to education, developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Consciousness-Based Education connects each discipline and each learning point with personal experience. How does it do this? First, by allowing the student to experience your inner most Self which is pure consciousness; and second, by discovering that each discipline (math, science, art, etc.) has at its basis the same field of pure consciousness or creative intelligence that is the fountainhead of human intelligence.
With CBE, students study how creative intelligence moves, structures, and organizes the universe. The universe is forever in motion and continually re-creates itself in a progressive, orderly, and evolutionary way. These same orderly laws and principles that maintain the universe also guide human intelligence and evolution, it is easy and natural to connect all the courses of study to the reality that is within every student.

Consciousness-Based education is not only a powerful intellectual discipline, but it allows students to grow into people who act from the deepest level of consciousness and live spontaneously in accord with the laws to nature.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi summarizes the whole process of Consciousness-Based Education as follows:

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi“If we look into the process of gaining knowledge we find there are two sides to knowledge: the object of knowledge, that which we seek to know, and the subject of knowledge, the knower. What the present system of education provides is knowledge of the object; what it misses is knowledge of the subject, knowledge of the knower in the knower's infinite capacity. When the knower is ignorant about the Self, the whole structure of knowledge is as if baseless.

“As a result of this educational approach, students grow in the awareness that all streams of knowledge are but modes of their own intelligence. They come to feel at home with everyone and everything. Their creative genius blossoms with increasing confidence and self-sufficiency. They cease to violate Natural Law, and grow in the ability to accomplish anything and spontaneously to think and act free from mistakes — the fruit of all knowledge.”

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi