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Stress-free Learning

We all remember those days when we wanted to understand all the secrets and knowledge of the universe--our mind was clear and our body was invincible.

Indeed this is the spark of life and enthusiasm that each of us has been born with--but today, modern education lacks the skill to maintain and nurture this spark of energy and dynamism and unfold our inner infinite human potential. Indeed education is one of causes of stress and tension diminishes and damages life. What the need is today is for a system of education that is virtually stress-free.

In an age as conscious as ours of stress and its effects on the body, few doubt anymore the importance of a sound and relatively stress-free physiology to effective mental performance. Yet no college assessment programmes, to our knowledge, have looked at the effect of college on health and physiological functioning.

Published research on the Transcendental Meditation programme in educational settings during the past 40 years has shown a wide range of practical benefits for both students and teachers. Hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation programme at more than 200 independent and leading universities and research institutions worldwide.

Benefits for students include:

  • decreased stress and stress-related disorders
  • reduced substance abuse
  • increased intelligence
  • increased learning ability
  • improved memory
  • improved academic performance
  • improved standardized test scores
  • increased integration and wholeness of personality
  • increased emotional stability and maturity

Benefits for teachers include:

  • decreased stress and stress-related disorders
  • decreased anxiety
  • reduced substance abuse
  • increased creativity
  • improved job satisfaction
  • improved interpersonal relationships
  • reduced health care utilization and costs